Confcommercio Ancona


For the realization of the new Confcommercio headquarters in Ancona, Videoworks was chosen and commissioned to design and implement audio video integrations for the following areas:

  • Auditorium in room combining;
  • Committee Room;
  • Meeting hall;

Designed as a single room that can be divided into two independent rooms, the auditorium is equipped with two opposing viewing points, each with a video projector and motorized screen. Each speaker table has the ability to control via iPad touch: HDMI wired connectivity, two preview monitors (for a total of 4 monitors in both speaker tables), two gooseneck microphones and two wireless microphones with hand for hands-free presentations. These features are in fact what allow, in case of need, to divide the Auditorium into two independent rooms respectively called Room A and Room B through a simple dedicated control pre-set. The sound is diffused inside the Auditorium through line source array speakers in plenary mode. In the case of independent rooms, however, the sound is diffused thanks to ceiling speakers. To complete the construction of the system there are two high-performance PTZ cameras that allow video recording of the speakers and the audience. This installation is useful in case of audio video recording / streaming when the room is used in training sessions or commercial presentation / corporate events or for future video conferencing applications in preparation.

Sala Comitato
The Committee room, with its modern and prestigious style, is suitable for size and comfort to accommodate all its members. Through a UHD 85” monitor with wireless presenter for Audio Video presentation sessions, the room allows for PC-based videoconferencing sessions, by means of a PTZ camera and two line source loudspeakers installed on the right and left side of the monitor. However, what makes the room peculiar is the presence of a state-of-the-art microphone elegantly installed and hidden in the ceiling with beam forming technology and automatic DSP processing algorithms that allow the speaker's sound recording, maximizing performance and minimizing the aesthetic impact. The microphone eliminates unnecessary technical elements and captures every voice present in the room, offering the speaker the opportunity to focus his attention only on the effectiveness of the presentation without worrying about where to place the microphone. The conference table is equipped with three Plug Top Access for the HDMI input of PC Laptops being presented. The control of the audio video sources available for the environment is the presentation from PC, videoconference, television from Decoder (DVB-T / S) displayed on the iPad panel with customized graphics.

Sala Meeting
Located on the 2nd floor of the complex, just a few meters from the Committee Room, the meeting room has an environment that aims to be simple and dynamic but at the same time equipped with high quality performance technology. It is in fact possible to make presentations on the 75” monitor installed on the wall using a laptop PC or to carry out videoconferencing sessions via PC thanks to the Videosoundbar with integrated 4K camera installed under the display.

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