HQ Garofoli


For the new Garofoli HQ, Videoworks has designed and realized audio video solutions for multiple spaces and specific applications for:

  • Auditorium in room combining;
  • CDA Meeting Room;
  • Room booking;
  • Cutting-edge Digital Signage.

The auditorium was conceived as a room that can be divided, if necessary, into two independent rooms. The space is equipped with two opposing viewing points, each with a video projector and motorized screen, a speaker table with the possibility of control via an iPad touch panel, wired HDMI / VGA connectivity and wireless connectivity for presentations and collaboration. Added to these are a preview monitor, as well as three gooseneck microphones and two wireless microphones with hand transmitter and headset for hands-free presentations.
This equipment is in fact what allows, in case of need, to divide the Auditorium into two independent rooms, called Room A and Room B, simply by recalling the dedicated control pre-set. The sound diffusion is multi-point, with line source array speakers that are well suited to the modularity of the environment for sound reinforcement towards the audience and ceiling speakers to reinforce the presence of speech in order to offer an audio monitor for the speakers themselves.
The environment is also equipped with two high-performance PTZ cameras to allow video recording of the speakers and the audience, which can be used to record / stream audio video when the room is used in training sessions or commercial presentation / corporate events or for applications. future of video conference in preparation.
There is no lack of equipment for communication sessions to users for simultaneous translation and guided tour thanks to the wireless system with lithium batteries and personal headphones that can be used both in the Auditorium room - interfacing it with the room microphone recording system - and in mobile mode for group use with speaker equipped with tranceiver with microphone.
For the management of more complex events, the AV system allows audio video control from the direction, via a touch screen panel with functions enabled for the expert user / director.

CDA room
The CDA room is certainly a prestigious environment with an extremely pleasant and refined architectural solution. In fact, the environment is divided into a meeting room and a garden room, connected by an opening glass wall. A UHD 86” monitor with wireless presenter is installed in the meeting room for Audio Video presentation sessions.
The room, thanks to a PTZ camera, allows PC-based videoconferencing sessions through a sound-bar for sound diffusion and a state-of-the-art microphone installed on the ceiling, with beam forming technology and automatic DSP processing algorithms that allow to maximize the performance of the speaker and minimizing aesthetic impact.
But the real surprise for guests is the opportunity to enjoy the wow audio video experience outside in the Garden area. The boardroom system allows the display of a basic 5 meter image on the wall thanks to an ultra short throw video projector and the diffusion of sound contributions with two sound speakers installed outside.
The audio video sources available for the environment (presentation from PC, videoconference, television from DVB-T / S decoder, digital signage stream from centralized server), can be displayed completely independently on the 86" monitor and on the video projector, allowing the 'user to manage the user experience with absolute freedom and, if necessary, duplicate the signal in vision between 86” and Video Projection Garden by means of a customized touch panel control with iPAD.
In addition, thanks to a camera installed towards the outside in an appropriate position, it is possible to view a virtual window so that the guest can have the perception of not having border walls at the front!

Room booking
In the ground floor area, alongside with the boardroom room, there are four meeting rooms available. Garofoli requested a system for centralized room booking and Videoworks designed and supplied Crestron's Room Booking system, installing five 7” outdoor touch panels and interfacing the dedicated Crestron software with the Lutus Notes internal management system.

Digital Signage
For Garofoli, communication with guests and their employees is of primary importance. Beyond this, attention has always been focused on making the environment modern and usable. In order to satisfy this "Vision", the new HQ has been equipped with a centralized management system on a server for Digital Signage, which allows, with a few steps, to send the desired video contributions on the different viewing points, such as:

  • The Videowall with four 55” monitors side by side for the entrance tunnel;
  • The artwall in the reception area consisting of a 43" monitor, a 43" Touch monitor in turn interfaced with a PC for interactive user applications, a 49" monitor and a 55" monitor;
  • The monitors installed in vertical orientation close to each floor entrance in the staircase area;
  • The video projector in AREA GARDEN already described above.
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