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For an optimal video performance in the room Videoworks selected for IGuzzini the Christie's projector with 12,000 ANSI lumens and 3D projection system with active stereoscopic glasses, which provide a stunning reproduction on a 600x375 cm screen, turning the room into a real professional Cinema of the last generation.

The advanced system of videoconferencing and video projection in 3D produced by Videoworks S.p.A. for iGuzzini Light Laboratory it's controlled via iPad which has a customized user friendly interface. Videoworks provided the integration of the following systems: 3D visualization, video shooting and Full HD video, digitally controlled audio, simultaneous translation and lights and curtains management, all always via IPad. The philosophy followed by Videoworks was to ensure the client's maximum investment protection, providing and integrating the products of leading brands that allow the best performance quality. Through the iPad you can also check out the different height positions of the big screen that, thanks to a rope winch, can descend from the ceiling positioning itself as preferred by the user. With a simple touch on the iPad, without the need of external guides, you can turn the speakers off the table and activate the Full HD video conferencing system making remote meetings that can be shared with the entire audience, facilitating communication with the outside world and cutting any costs of transporting personnel abroad. The specific acoustic diffusion system with digitally adjustable parameters, provides excellent sound quality and uniformity in both possible configurations: single room or shared rooms even in the presence of a significant drop for the last seats in the auditorium. Always from the iPad you can check with a simple click preset lighting scenes and handling curtains to create the most appropriate scenario for every need. The management' software of the control system via iPad was developed by the Videoworks sister Company ItWorks Srl following also a dedicated study of the graphical user interface for intuitive use and enjoyment of the final screens with refined design. The 200-seats meeting room is designed to be a multipurpose space used in two configurations, either as a single room or as two rooms divided by a single wall cabinet. While maintaining all connections to the floor, you can remove the speakers' table to use the stage with the greatest possible flexibility. 8 side rooms that overlook the meeting room are equipped with simultaneous interpretation system with great sound quality and protected against interference due to the lighting of the room. A sophisticated Crestron switching matrix allows to have in input the majority of existing signals, from analog to HDMI Full-HD, and switch all output in HDMI Full HD, via digital connections on fiber optic supports and STP for the transport of the signals, with a final result of great linearity, functionality and reduction of wiring of the system. All devices are integrated into racks completely assembled with wiring meticulously tidy and finally tested in the Videoworks laboratories to facilitate easy installation and maintenance.

A manhole connection for PC and five LCD displays have been placed in the showroom for the reproduction, via customized server software, video contents, power point, word and pdf files with the possibility of recall and browse the documents from the panel wi-fi iPad. Indeed, thanks to Itworks Srl Sister Company, which developed the appropriate software you can:

  • Turn on every light in the showroom or groups of lamps
  • Access to over 500 pre-loaded video
  • Access to more than 500 pdf of presentations of each lamp
  • Promote technical explanation of each product offered by the company
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