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The iGuzzini project called "The light gate" was inaugurated in January 2019 in Via Brera in Milan. It is a comfortable, flexible and innovative space of 970 m² divided on two floors: on the first-floor there are executive offices and meeting rooms and, on the basement, there is the Light Experience, a 150 m² lounge area designed to facilitate the meeting not only with those who design light and with insiders, but also with those who bring transversal or even complementary knowledge and experience.

Directional Meeting Room
A video conferencing system has been set up in the Management Meeting Room, which allows the use of the room as well as for local meetings, also for meetings in which to extend participation to subjects connected at a distance.
It will be possible to view on a large 86" wall-mounted monitor, in addition to the images coming from the videoconference, also presentations or multimedia contents from PCs. The presentations can be transmitted at the same time together with the video taken by the PTZ camera, placed under the monitor.
To allow this, 2 concealed turrets have been set up on the table, with connections for the PC as well as for the microphones.
The sound diffusion of the local audio as well as the remote one is entrusted to a soundbar, also positioned under the 86" display.
All the control equipment, among which the videoconference codec, have been installed in a rack cabinet housed inside the furniture of the equipped wall.
The videoconference functions are controlled using the 10" Cisco touch panel placed on the table.

Architects Reception Room
In the Architects Reception Hall there is a system similar to the one designed for the Management Meeting Room, with the exclusion of the videoconference function. The system allows to view locally on a large 75" monitor, always recessed on the wall, presentations or multimedia contents from the PC. The connectivity for the PC on the table is ensured by a retractable turret. The sound diffusion of the local audio is entrusted to a soundbar, positioned under the 75" display. All the control equipment, including the mixer and the audio amplifier, have been installed inside a rack cabinet housed in the furniture of the equipped wall.

In the Hall there is a very special videowall consisting of 4 displays of different sizes and installed with different orientations.
The 2 central units are recessed into the wall, while the 2 side units are installed on 2 rotating supports.
The video contributions reproduced by the 4 media-players can be displayed both independently and in synchronized mode on all the displays.
The content loading on the media-player is provided via the LAN network, thus avoiding having to frequently access the equipment rack positioned in the space created by the staircase.

Light Experience
The Light Experience room system required the greatest commitment in terms of implementation of the management software.
In fact, in addition to the installation of an audio-video system consisting of a 6,000-lumen video projector and a ceiling sound system complemented by an active 8" subwoofer, the project provided a control system with an interface on the iPad for the recall of light scenarios.
Selecting a type of lamp on the iPad graphics, the image of the catalog will be reproduced on video and the sound commentary will be published. At the same time the graphic interface will show the icons of the various lamps belonging to the selected catalog; by clicking on one of these, you will control the lighting of the relative lamp present in the room and the on-screen display of the technical characteristics of the chosen product.
Inside some catalogs it will be possible to control not only the lighting of the single lamp, but also the call of particular light scenarios.

Lounge area
The space called Lounge Area hosts events of various kinds, as well as serving as a common area in daily use.
The planned layout therefore consists of the typical equipment of a conference room, such as:

  • a large 86" LED monitor;
  • a frontal sound diffusion system completed by a subwoofer embedded in the equipped wall;
  • a system for playing PC presentations wirelessly;
  • radio microphones;
  • a control system with an iPad interface, from which to control the audio-video functions, but also to adjust the lights, through integration with the KNX building system.
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