Enzo Ferrari's Museum and birthplace


The sophisticated audio video system made for the impressive Enzo Ferrari's Museum and Birthplace is signed by Videoworks. For the valuation of the most beautiful cars of the Italian history Videoworks designed and developed a complex system in accordance with the architects.

17 points of view that are divided into 7 small screens and 10 modules of rear projection on the walls of the exhibition have been included to allow visitors viewing movies, photos and slide shows along the museum.

  • Call system for evacuation compliant to EN54
  • General background system in any environment with source selection
  • 8 interaction punctual systems at high directivity

Seven display cases based on the ground floor of the museum are provided with monitor 22" LCD HD resolution for viewing movies and photos; The playback system consists of readers for a total of 11 channels that can support high-definition video. The Crestron system enables the integration and control of audio / video / lights of the museum. It's also possible to program the system to obtain an automatic daily time schedule. The system can be supervised and controlled also by remote. On the two walls of the exhibition are located eight modules that perform back-projection images up to 300x170cm, designed for intensive use thanks to cooling with heat pump technology and the self-cleaning filter ventilation. For the realization of large images the back-projection modules exploit a special panel in the first reflective mirror surface with support with angular adjustment precision. The additional 2 rear projection modules are installed in the exhibition halls based on the same principle as above, but with a display surface of 150x85cm. For the reproduction of movies and soundtracks, it was necessary to use equipment of the highest quality and reliability with extreme stability of operation to ensure that the risks of rupture related to the intensive use is minimized. Inside the Birthplace, in correspondence with the rear projection there is a directive sound system by which the user can be involved in particular audio / video sensory activities.

To hold optimum conferences in the conference room of 22 meters in length and 13 in width, the space has been equipped with audio devices that allow video recording of current events, video screenings and content, the videoconference link with the outside, with the support of a very high quality audio. Using the touch screen you can manage the projector, select the video source or the computer, check the video and make audio volume adjustment easily and without the aid of a specialized technician. The audio system is so complex that can be seen as the composition and interaction of different audio systems, each of which performs a particular function, but are interconnected to form a single system. All systems are communicating with each other and can interact and exchange information. Concerning the Audio System Videoworks made a system that will ensure that you get the audio information focused only on each location, so that this does not disturb the normal activities inside the museum.

The system is supervised and controlled from a remote location as well as by touch screen with dual modes of operation:

  • Automatic: through a single command or a schedule you can turn in a continuous loop the reproduction of movie and audio in each zone and activate a particular pre set scenario
  • Manual: provided for the activation of the individual controlled features available.
  • Call system for evacuation compliant EN54 throughout the museum, conference room, training room, Dolby room and common areas
  • General background system in any environment with source selection
  • Audio system for effects such as "moving cars": 16 points of sound, with built-in speakers and hidden to reproduce the sound-noise environment, synchronized and coordinated
  • Audio System Effects at the Entrance
  • Audio System for the Conference Room
  • Audio system for the training room
  • Audio Dolby system for the projections room
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