Villa a Forte dei Marmi


Tablet per l'entertainment.

For a villa in Forte dei Marmi has just created a System Entertainment very clean, straightforward and easy to use, where all electronics are installed in the main rack allocated in a strategic point of the house.

Thanks to the use of products for distribution in high definition, it was possible to extend the main rack, the desired sources (such as set-top box, video and audio on demand, signs of cctv) by simply using the minimum number of cables as possible.
This type of operation has provided to the end user to install the minimum required for each environment, in fact, in the best case we only have the speakers in ceiling and a tablet for the control of the system, in the worst case we have the speakers, the TV and the tablet for the control.

The tablet that is used as a remote control system for surfing the internet or for personal use, using a periodic and functional connection to the Internet and home. FROM this need we created a wireless network efficient and robust, with all the priority criteria for limited access to broadband by guests. The use of Cisco products has been the key to the safety, efficiency and speed.

Each environment can have the same or a different music that resonates throughout the villa, the ideal situation if you want to organize a party with friends. From the tablet, you can select your own music, be it on the tablet itself or on the home server or the Internet to listen to the environment in which you are located. The simplicity of this system can be seen stopping on the magnetic induction charging for tablets, wireless: the tablet closer to your base (wall or table) for magnetic effect is reloaded.

The environments in which there are also the TV audio in addition to the above mentioned, have the same functionality for the video on the tablet allocated on the server or from the Internet. And 'possible to watch satellite channels, watching a DVD / Bluray, check the security cameras or implement any other functions without having to disrupt the system, via cables or create tracks on the wall, simply add the desired source.

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