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Videoworks S.p.A. has more than 20 years of experience in design, realization and installation of innovative audio/video, communication, entertainment & home automation systems dedicated to the most exclusive clients.

Business Case Histories

Discover our Case Histories in the Business field.


Best of...

Best of Business

Our technology made for your Business.

Best of Yachting

Comfort, relaxation and security on hand.

Best of Architectural

Our technology dedicated to the comfort of your home.




SAM is an absolute breakthrough in the audio amplifier segment: a digital audio matrix with special features.


The complexity of the modern lifestyle and the technology indispensable to our daily enjoyment requires a special care.

Creative Yachting

Creative yachting solutions for enjoying life on board.

ANC – Active Noise Cancelling

A specific system for Yachting, aimed to reduce the noise inside a cabin while sailing.

Kerio Control

The all-in-one threat and connection manager.

Intelligent Glass

Videoworks introduces a Smart Film that turns from clear and opaque states on demand providing unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters a space.

Live Showroom System

Turnkey solution for presentations at a distance from the exhibition space.

Solutions for innovative teaching

In today’s rapidly changing world, schools and universities must meet the demand for high performance technology in the classroom.

Extra services

Videoworks Group offers a dedicated team of engineers to provide you with the best solution for upgrading your systems.

Pop_Up Speaker

Pop-up speaker is the system for creating a sound environment that opens up new positioning possibilities for speakers, making them effectively invisible when not in use.

MyInfo 3.0

The system that integrates all multimedia experiences on-board. Simple and intuitive - inspired by the interfaces of the most popular streaming networks - MyInfo 3.0 integrates control of all the infotainment, automation and CCTV on-board.

MY ID System

Is the name of the new labelling system that gives a unique code to devices (QR Code) and cables (Bar code), which grants access to all technical and configuration information via smartphone and tablet.