Everything on board is under control thanks to MyInfo 3.0 – the App developed by Videoworks – which, with the smart TV and its remote control, allows you to view and control numerous on-board services, from video to navigation.

  • Videoworks unveils the highly anticipated MyInfo 3.0, the fully integrated entertainment-info-domotic system;
  • Using the six navigation buttons on the smart TV, all “Experiences” can be selected simply and intuitively: from video and audio streaming to web radio, from satellite content to home automation;
  • For yacht owners, a very simple platform that turns the smart TV into a veritable mine of multimedia content and information;
  • Inclusion, accounting and control of the main well know streaming and digital services, for the users to keep using on board as at home;
  • Simplification of on-board systems engineering: more space available, less wiring usage, less heat emission, less energy consumed.

Videoworks, a leader in the Audio/Visual, Entertainment, IT and Lighting & Comfort sector, has always been committed to developing integrated systems that simplify life on board and allow owners and their guests to enjoy the many services available in the simplest and most immediate way. In the pursuit of this objective, three years ago the company launched MyInfo, a fully integrated entertainment-info-domotic system. Through a software program with a graphic interface developed by Videoworks, it can carry out a number of functions and display all information via a number of devices. Today Videoworks is presenting MyInfo 3.0, a new App which, while maintaining the basic philosophy of its predecessor, is actually a totally new platform.

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