MARINA BARCELONA 92 is one of the most professional shipyards in the Yacht refit, repair and maintenance sector. The company continually invests in improving its facilities, aimed at catering to the needs of the Super and Mega Yacht market. MB’92 works alongside the most recognized experts in the sector; it constantly trains its highly skilled staff and is deeply committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety in both the professional and natural environment.

MB’92, with its headquarters in Barcelona, a strategic location between the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean, agrees to a mutually beneficial relationship with Videoworks for Audio/Video, Entertainment, Home Automation and IT. Both companies share the same values of QUALITY, SERVICE, EXCLUSIVITY and RELIABILITY. Videoworks Spa and MB’92 agreed to a new challenging, productive partnership, looking positively to the future.

MARINA BARCELONA 92, SA, Paseo Juan de Borbón, 92 – 08039 Barcelona.

Videoworks Spa
Videoworks Spanish Agent, Luxor Cinema