• Following announcement at Monaco Yacht Show 2022, internet connectivity via OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites is now operational for Maritime
  • OneWeb, on its own LEO constellation, guarantees fluid service that is one-of-a-kind
  • Videoworks, as supplier, offers OneWeb solutions dedicated to the yachting world and begins pre-sales ahead of MYS 2023
  • Videoworks supports its customers with integrated solutions ranging from LEO service to hardware infrastructure and onboard IT distribution

Videoworks brings into play 25 years of experience and the installation of hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems installed on board superyachts sailing all over the world, to respond to the most demanding requests of shipowners and shipping companies, implementing the most recent on-board connectivity technologies in the field of entertainment and for the professional needs of owners and their guests.

“The advent of LEO satellites will radically change the audio-visual experience on board,” explain Maurizio Minossi, CEO of Videoworks. “Videoworks is ready for this new scenario, with the aim of being a unique and competent partner, from satellite communications to the TV remote control in the hands of the owner and their guests.”

Following OneWeb’s first preview at MYS 2022, where Videoworks and OneWeb illustrated the opportunities that LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Internet connections could provide out in the open sea, now everything that was presented last year has become real and Videoworks has begin pre-sales ahead of MYS2023.

“OneWeb exists to remove the barriers to connectivity that hold back economies and communities. OneWeb has a strong social motivation to secure and improve the world’s access to information at sea,” said Carole Plessy, VP Europe and Maritime. We are realising our ambition to produce maritime broadband services that can be tailored to the needs of leisure vessels, in any location. Globally-consistent and high-quality connectivity will help ‘future-proof’ yachts for captains, crew and guests by allowing access to all the cloud-based applications required for modern work and leisure seamlessly at sea.

LEO technology guarantees latencies similar to 5G technologies with integration between OneWeb and terrestrial services. All this translates into high bandwidth capacity and system fluidity. OneWeb offers a minimum bandwidth regulated by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The feature that makes the Videoworks offer unique is its all-inclusive package. From selecting the antenna, which can be traditional motorized or fat, to the on-board systems, first and foremost the network (which will be optimised to suit the type of yacht and the owner’s needs), Videoworks manages all the fitting out and provides a 24/7 technical service, both for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This helps to avoid triangulation between the service provider and the support network. For the owner, all this turns into dealing with one interlocutor, which makes addressing technical and management issues much, much easier. This is also an important aspect for charter companies that operate worldwide throughout the year.

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