At the latest Monaco Yacht Show 2021, Videoworks has unveiled the flexible, invisible and integrated speaker system “Pop-Up Speaker”, an innovation in terms of audio in external areas.

Equipped with passive K-array speakers powered at low voltage and features a closing mechanism made by AMS Advanced Mechanical Solutions to ensure that the product opens and closes silently, the Pop-up speaker is the system for creating a sound environment that opens up new positioning possibilities for speakers, making them effectively invisible when not in use.

Customizable both in materials and colors, the Pop-Up Speaker blends in seamlessly with any interior design solution, removing the need for exposed, fixed speakers or cables that spoil the appearance and decor of an environment. This innovative audio solution is ideal for outdoor environments like swimming pool areas or the external decks of yachts thanks to its waterproof technology and also adapts to open space interiors, with a clean, minimal style.