• Videoworks unveiled a series of solutions and important developments in its systems for the management and control of on-board facilities
  • At a joint press conference with Speedcast and OneWeb, the company explained how the Internet connection via LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites makes it possible to surf online in the open sea as at home
  • The partnership with Intellian for the distribution of Dome antennas for VSAT LEO and GEO was also announced officially
  • The “Pop-Up Speaker” sound system has presented an upgrade that improves its aesthetics
  • Also on show at the stand were the “ETO Panel” on-board instrument configuration and management system, the “MyInfo 3.0” app for controlling entertainment services and the “Next Gen Room Automation” system that uses artificial intelligence to optimise energy efficiency while improving well-
    being on board

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems installed on board superyachts sailing around the world, Videoworks presented a considerable number of innovative items and products at MetsTrade 2022 in Amsterdam, the world’s most important trade show for nautical accessories.
More and more advanced audio/video systems and an increasingly efficient on-board network are two among the key demands of today’s owners and guests. The new products presented by Videoworks confirm its ability to continue innovating and respond proactively to this growing demand. This commitment is confirmed by the investments the company is making in what it has identified as the macro areas – Internet connectivity at all latitudes and artificial intelligence – on which it is working to guarantee ever greater comfort for owners and their guests.

During the press conference at METSTRADE 2022, Maurizio Minossi, CTO of Videoworks Group, together with Kerry Pettitt, Key Account Manager of the Superyacht Division of Speedcast, and Celeste Endrino-Cowley, Director, Maritime and Energy of OneWeb, presented the first experiences and opportunities that LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Internet connections have provided offshore.
“The development of LEO satellites will radically change the on-board audio-visual experience,” explained Maurizio Minossi. “Videoworks is ready for this new scenario, having invested in partnership and expertise in the selection of the right LEO providers, SD-WAN reception technologies and the management of streaming service georeferencing. Our aim is to be a single, competent partner for our customers, from satellite to TV remote control in the hands of the owner and their guests.”
It is no mystery that having a fast, reliable connection, even when routes lead to open waters, is increasingly a requirement of all owners and their guests. Surfing on social networks and being able to access streaming platforms (to enjoy a film in high resolution) are pleasures that are difficult to give up, especially if you are on
holiday. But it is not just entertainment: often an efficient connection can prove to be essential when organizing a business web conference, which means not having to cut your holiday short.

Thanks to the Videoworks partnership with OneWeb and Speedcast, it is possible to enter a new dimension that guarantees continuous, efficient and fast connection (more than five times higher than the current systems). The Internet connection system with LEO satellites ensures a latest-generation Internet browsing experience on-board, both in terms of speed and latency. As a result, the full use of IP TV and streaming services is guaranteed and, even out in open waters, the Internet connection will be very similar to the connection guaranteed by 5G technology along the coast. This solution is the most recent frontier of connection possibilities.
During the press conference in Amsterdam, in addition to the first results from the collaboration with OneWeb and the agreement with Speedcast (through which Starlink and Oneweb satellite data connections will be distributed) becoming official, the partnership with Intellian for the distribution of Dome antennas for VSAT LEO and GEO, but also for Satellite TV, was officially announced. This allows Videoworks to provide a 360° service for all on-board data connection needs.

At the stand it was possible to test the Pop-Up Speakers and appreciate the upgrade of the new series, which features a different fastening system with no visible screws. The new loudspeakers, which complement the existing ones while leaving it up to the owner to choose which ones to install, have already been used on a
number of superyachts in the outfitting phase.
This evolution stresses yet again how Pop-Up Speakers, by being totally retractable, are the ideal solution for all outdoor environments (thanks to waterproof technology) and indoor environments for yachts where visual obstructions are not desired. Customisable in both materials and colours, the Pop-Up Speaker integrates perfectly with any design solution thanks to the low depth required to disappear, eliminating the need for fixed speakers or cables that ruin the aesthetics of the rooms.

ETO Panel is a new technological suite, usable from any workstation (PC, tablet with local or remote connection), that unifies the controls of on-board Videoworks systems in a single panel, to control them or check they are operating correctly. The interface can also interact in order to consult all the basic information on the yacht (including data from the temperature and humidity sensors), user manuals and technical drawings of all the systems.

Thanks to an 85” screen, it was possible to simulate the main MYInfo 3.0 functions. Simple and intuitive because inspired by the interfaces of the most popular streaming services, the system integrates the control of infotainment, home automation and on-board CCTV, while offering fully customisable access for each device.
MYInfo 3.0 offers a series of “experiences” such as streaming with the on-board library, Web radio station, connection to Spotify and CCTV configured for each individual user. It can also be a satellite content diffuser (with one to 20 satellite decoders all available in a central rack), provide navigation data directly from the bridge, control home automation, provide “Staff Call” services to call the desired crew members and “Captain Info” for a direct line with the yacht’s Captain.

After its recent début at the Monaco Yacht Show, the system also caught the attention of visitors in Amsterdam for its originality and validity. The goal, using presence sensors and energy meters that are the foundations of the intelligent system, is to profile the habits and needs of the owner and guests (which is even more important on chartered vessels), to adjust the environment to the different lifestyles of the people on board. To ensure the utmost privacy, Videoworks uses Bluetooth LE sensors and technology permitting identification of people via smartphone or bracelets, and without using cameras. The potential of artificial intelligence does not stop at these two important features, but also achieves significant energy savings, thanks to the optimisation of the use of lights, the temperature of the rooms, the air conditioning and all the other equipment onboard.

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