The new company based in Fort Lauderdale will supply all-round assistance for yachts fitted with Videoworks systems in the US and the Caribbean. Under Executive Director Mauro Frattesi, Videoworks of Americas, Inc. technicians will provide training for American crews.

The Videoworks Group, a leader in AV and IT integration for yachting, confirms its process of international expansion with the foundation of Videoworks of Americas, Inc. The new company based in Fort Lauderdale, an important crossroads for yachting in the Americas, will supply all-round assistance for yachts fitted with Videoworks systems. From commissioning to installation, from service to on-going professional development, the technicians’ physical presence is becoming increasingly important in view of the complexity of today’s on-board systems.

The American market is growing, in terms of both new builds and refitting, and more and more yachts have been moving from Europe toward the United States and the Caribbean for several months of the year. Large numbers of yachts are built on spec in the Old World and then taken to the US for sale to a growing American clientèle.

Videoworks of Americas, Inc. was established to offer these clients the best possible assistance service (including constant technical updating for crews, who often see considerable turnover).

The team of specialised professionals is led by expert Mauro Frattesi, Executive Director of Videoworks of Americas, Inc. When yachts are made or refitted directly in the United States, Videoworks technicians are available on-site. While for yachts built in Europe, Videoworks of Americas, Inc. technicians will train the US teams in the shipyard before the yacht is moved. This policy will ensure the best possible training, by people sharing the same cultural background, language and lifestyle.

Mauro Frattesi says: “Videoworks of Americas, Inc. represents a very important step in the international growth of our group. With a direct presence in North America and the Caribbean and a dedicated team of 10 technicians based in Ft. Lauderdale, we will be able to provide all our customers with instant service and practical technical support “Made by Videoworks”. And that’s not all: for vessels in European shipyards destined to operate primarily in the area, we will be able to rely on the Videoworks of Americas, Inc. technical team for commissioning and crew training both in Europe and in the destination country. Only Videoworks can offer this kind of service, thanks to its 100% owned subsidiaries: Videoworks S.p.A. (Ancona and Viareggio), Videoworks Europe BV (Aalsmeer), Videoworks of Americas, Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale) and the men and women who work for them”.