• The value of the group’s production has increased by 37% in the last three years.
  • To deal with international growth effectively, Videoworks has decided on a new balance for the company shares. Mauro Pellegrini assumes the role of President and maintains that of CCO for the Italian territory, while Maurizio Minossi assumes the role of CEO and maintains that of CTO.
  • Videoworks is proud to announce its participation in many new projects in 2020. The new Price Waterhouse and Cooper technological skyscraper in the CityLife district in Milan (Italy) is of particular interest.

Videoworks, leader in the audio/video, entertainment, IT and home automation sectors, has successfully broadened its field of activity in recent years by entering new markets and expanding into different sectors, always proposing technological solutions that are increasingly innovative and original. Videoworks is now effectively an international group, active through three fully controlled companies in Italy, the Netherlands and the United States.

The group can boast of over 700 projects completed in over 20 years of operations. The value of its production has increased by 37% in the past three years and the company now employs 90 people. Videoworks is poised to rise to many new challenges in 2020.

One notable project for 2020: Videoworks is among the companies selected to contribute to the realization of the new Price Waterhouse and Cooper skyscraper, which will be built in the technological and innovative CityLife district in Milan. Specifically, the company will complete 200 Multitasking rooms and 100 small and middle-sized conference rooms. These rooms, jointly with approximately 50 Project Rooms, 6 Executive Offices, 5 Agile Rooms, 2 Auditoriums and 1 Board Room, confirm yet again that Videoworks is determined to establish itself in the corporate A/V market as well as in the yachting industry.

To fully benefit from the many new opportunities provided by the market and to continue growing and strengthening in terms of management and assets, the shareholders have decided to divide the company shares in a more balanced manner. This guarantees greater stability in the mid and long term.

By the end of the first quarter of 2020, Maurizio Minossi will be appointed as Videoworks CEO while maintaining his role as CTO. “I am honored to pick up the baton from Mauro Pellegrini and to continue, with the managing team, to guide our group towards a position of excellence and of acknowledged added value in collaboration with our customers,” said Maurizio Minossi.

Mauro Pellegrini will be appointed as Videoworks President while maintaining his role as CCO for the Italian territory. “I am very satisfied with this new growth phase,” he declared. “I think this new company organization, made up of people who contributed from the inception and throughout the development of Videoworks, can further help the company and make it grow.”

By evolving in this way, Videoworks guarantees the financial and operational stability that have been a constant feature of the past 20 years, and continues effective strategies and management, launching the group into the 20 years to come.