On the new superyacht Baglietto M/Y Panam, Videoworks designed and built the entertainment, network and telephony systems, the sound system has been created in collaboration with K-Array, enhancing the design and offering a unique experience on board the elegant 40-metre yacht, the advanced integrated systems fit seamlessly into the yacht’s design, offering a variety of features, such as Party Mode with live DJs, the network, built entirely with CISCO hardware, has been designed according to the latest technological standards, making it even more reliable and future-proof.

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/visual, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems installed on board superyachts sailing all over the world, Videoworks confirms its capacity for entertainment innovation with the new system on the 40-metre Baglietto M/Y Panam.

For this superyacht, Videoworks built the AV-IT and telephony systems, following the centralised system philosophy, reducing technical spaces and making maintenance easier than ever. The entire structure is housed in just three 36/40 unit rack (approximately 1.6m high), completely eliminating the devices inside the cabins. The network, supplied with the latest-generation CISCO Catalyst, is extremely reliable, laying the foundations for a robust and future-proof system. In order to have full control over the network, managing services and increasing security against cyber-attacks and viruses, the Kerio Network Manager is used for management. Panasonic’s VoIP telephone system, connected to the on-board GSM line, comes with cordless phones and telephone sockets for connecting additional equipment.

When AudioVideo becomes entertainment

Watching an action movie or sports event on a large 4K HDR screen with audio surround, listening to music or partying with live DJs through speakers that reproduce the sound faithfully, having full control of the cabin (from entertainment to lights, blinds and climate) through a single, simple and intuitive interface, accessing the Internet and multimedia content safely and reliably thanks to the Videoworks experience: all these comforts are a reality on board the Baglietto M/Y Panam.

A 65″ LG OLED 4K HDR TV has been installed in M/Y Panam’s main deck saloon. The screen is housed in a custommade structure, which allows it to be moved electrically; the large TV disappears into the ceiling when not in use. The area has 7.2 surround sound for maximum involvement during viewing. In collaboration with K-Array, Videoworks succeeded in making the area perfect for both the movie-theatre experience and dynamic and powerful listening, thanks to the discreet and elegant K-Array speakers integrated into the system and the furniture. The central speaker is installed directly underneath the TV, giving it an elegant design. The owner’s cabin is equipped with a high-brightness 55″ 4K HDR screen that allows perfect viewing behind a mirror panel. A 55″ 4K outdoor screen was installed in the Sun Deck by the pool.

For guest entertainment there are numerous AudioVideo sources fully integrated into the system. Via the simple interface on the iPad mini, you can switch between video on demand to the various services offered by Apple TV 4K, satellite TV, Blu-ray or any HDMI source with auxiliary sockets.

The advanced Party Mode feature allows the same music source to be played in all the yacht’s common areas. Party Mode also integrates the ability to play a live DJ event on the dynamic and powerful K-Array system, with dedicated inputs and sockets for additional speakers, achieving immersive sound even in outdoor areas. The crew areas are equipped with a simple and complete AudioVideo system with TV and Apple TV. Thanks to the new ultra-compact K-Array systems, the remaining common areas of the crew and the wheelhouse can enjoy audio systems that are discreet in design and powerful in performance.

The comfort control system (lighting, blinds and air conditioning) is fully integrated into the entertainment system. Videoworks, interfacing with the Konnex automation system, has integrated the controls into the entertainment interface, ensuring an even more pleasant and comfortable stay on board.