Videoworks continues their growth curve with the opening of the new “officina” that will allow them to double production by January 2018. The new layout will also assure efficient tracking of all the materials throughout the production cycle.

The growth curve that Videoworks undertook last year continues on the upswing and will ensure that the Italian company, leader in the audio/video, entertainment, IT and home automation markets, will not only double production capacity but also, and above all, improve the quality of service to the end clientele.

To sustain this growth curve, adequate production capacity is necessary for a market characterized by numerous requests on the part of owners and their guests for audio/video, home automation and on-board network equipment. Watching a soccer game on a wide-screen, hi-resolution monitor, listening to great music thanks to speakers that give pure and accurate sound, throwing a party on board, easily managing lighting, curtains, multi-media, and reliably and safely surfing the internet, have all become the must-haves of system integration.

To this end, Videoworks has doubled their workstations from six to twelve. Production material supply has also been optimized and follows a path that leads from its arrival, its passage through the laboratory and testing area, to its way out of the building for shipment to the end client.

This new production process and work-flow, beginning on January 1st, 2018, will double production capacity. The new layout will also ensure efficient tracking of these same materials, with their registration in each project upon arrival and continued tracking throughout each stage of the production process.

The new “officina” is only one of the projects that Videoworks is creating to reach their objectives: in 2018 a new control model will also be phased in that defines the relevant company business indicators.

The recent creation of the new division totally dedicated to yachting product service, the Yacht Service Division, is also to keep into consideration. This division consists of three interconnected service environments: on call after-sales service (both under guarantee and post-guarantee), scheduled maintenance contract management and refit management.

The Yacht Service Division will ensure non-stop service beginning with installation of the first integrated system up to the refit of the same, with the possibility to upgrade the systems throughout the entire life of the vessel.