Auto-inspired style meets nuts-and-bolts practicality in the second ISA GT45, UV IISam Fortescue enjoys the result

Inspiration can be hard to pin down. Sometimes it is a joyous golden thread that swoops from one idea to the next, splitting, digressing, merging as it goes. In the case of ISA Yachts’ new GT45, however, it is more of a straight line. Enrico Gobbi’s striking design firmly positions this fantastically spacious yacht in ISA’s automotive-inspired GT range.

The line has been a big success for the Ancona-based shipyard that builds yachts from 33 metres up to 100 metres. In fact, it has become something of a signature for ISA, which has been part of Palumbo Superyachts for less than a decade.

The dynamic profile of the GT45 makes the yacht look to be in motion even at the dock. This is thanks to the “sleek arch and fin-shaped hardtop” says the designer, Enrico Gobbi

With long foredecks echoing the lines of a car bonnet and powerful arches that link the decks of the set-back superstructure, there is more than a hint of the Bentley Continental GT to these yachts. It is something that designer Enrico Gobbi explicitly acknowledges in the 45-metre.

“A typical sports coupé was for me one of the main sources of inspiration,” he says. “Looking at the yacht’s profile, there are some specific details that make it dynamic. The sleek arch and a slim, fin-shaped hardtop make the yacht seem in movement even when anchored.

Another automotive-inspired detail is the thin, almond shape of the hull openings, designed to provide a wide panoramic view from the two main areas on board: main deck saloon and master cabin.”

It has proven a canny approach, securing two buyers for the GT45 in quick succession. UV II (“U-V-two”) is the second in the series, its Australian owner clearly wooed by the automotive associations. He traded up from a 30-metre.

“He is passionate about exotic cars, so he liked the fact that the GT45 is inspired by sports car design,” says Eugenio Cannarsa of Fraser, who brokered the deal and helped manage the build process for the owner.

“After that, it wasn’t about the price, it was about the boat we could buy brand new with the shortest delivery. Timing was very important for him. He is a character with a young family – very energetic – so they really wanted the bigger boat as soon as possible to enjoy it.”