• More and more customers want the same AV and IT solutions on their boats as they enjoy at home and vice versa
  • Videoworks has more than 100 employees all over the world to respond to both needs
  • Home and marine systems may look similar, but are actually quite different
  • Artificial intelligence offers new opportunities
  • Examples of installations aboard yachts and in homes

Two simple abbreviations, AV and IT, sum up everything perceived as essential for true comfort in today’s yachts and homes. Audiovisual systems and Information Technology, commonly known as the Internet; but also home automation and, more recently, applications of artificial intelligence, are imperative in the design of today’s homes and yachts. So it’s not surprising that owners are increasingly coming to Videoworks to ask how they can import the experience they enjoy on board into their homes, or vice versa, setting up new yachts or refits with all the conveniences they have at home or in the office.

With over 25 years of experience, Videoworks is an international leader in the design, construction and installation of innovative audio/video, communication, IT & connectivity systems for the world’s most exclusive customers in yachting, architecture and business. Videoworks has installed over 850 systems in its first 25 years in the business, celebrated last year. The company has more than 120 employees in Italy, the Netherlands, France, the United States and Turkey. Confirming the Italian company’s growth since it developed an AV system for Gianni Agnelli back in the early days. Videoworks has been on the cutting edge of technology ever since, even in this age of intense technological development.

Design meets technology

The systems used in the home and on board a yacht may look similar, but they are actually quite different. What they share is a combination of technology and design, with devices that are practically invisible; but beyond this initial similarity, they are two different worlds.

The first difference is that, on board a yacht, the owner is always sure to have the support of qualified crew members; while installers in the home do not normally provide any advice on AV and IT devices. So while our motto for onboard systems is “keep it simple”, in the home it must be “keep it even simpler than simple”. What’s more, maximum use on a yacht rarely exceeds 60 days a year, whereas people use their in-home systems for two or three hundred days,” explains Videoworks CEO Maurizio Minossi.

On land, 5G internet and landlines ensure a 100% high-speed connection, but the situation is more complicated at sea. One solution allowing yacht owners to eliminate bulky CDs and DVDs is Kaleidescape, a media player that whose storage and playback systems offer ultra-high definition digital content.

Another difference is that video projectors are used more frequently in residential projects, whereas on board a yacht it’s important to pay close attention to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to ensure the Internet connection is routed via the users’ home country, no matter where they are browsing from, so that they can keep up on the latest news and watch their favourite movies and TV series just as they do at home. In residential projects, the only option for outdoor areas is normally installation of independent speakers, while in indoor areas it’s necessary to control heating and ventilation; on a boat, no heating is normally required, only cooling, but outdoor areas require a plenty of equipment for lighting and providing access to the sea.

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