For the past 25 years, Videoworks has made an impact on the nautical world with its tech innovation, installing audio and video, lighting and comfort, entertainment and IT systems on superyachts around the globe. Meeting the rising demand for fast and reliable internet at sea, the company has drawn on its wealth of experience to launch the new Connectivity & Communication Solutions Business Unit. Launched this year, the division is partnered with Starlink and OneWeb and aims to deliver lightning-fast 300Mbps internet connectivity.

Videoworks set out to achieve a bandwidth capacity that matched what we are accustomed to on land. The resulting developments allow boat owners to access streaming platforms such as Netflix with the same speed and image quality as they are used to at home. The creation of this new business unit is the latest step in the endeavour, which was announced at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show in partnership with OneWeb.

Of the many opportunities this advanced technology affords, users of the business unit are provided with a latest-generation internet experience for speed and latency, which in turn ensures full use of streaming and IPTV services with a connection that’s similar to 5G. This development meets Videoworks’ objective of serving yacht owners in the best possible way with a complete service. In addition to providing onboard infrastructure, Videoworks ensures its implementation with all other yacht services and continuous monitoring of its efficiency, with any issues easily resolved remotely.