• “Key-Core Solution” is a single, centralised, 30-unit rack for AV and IT systems and “MyInfo 3.0”
  • With “MyInfo 3.0”, the whole yacht can be controlled through iPads, smartphones or TV remotes
  • 5G internet connectivity and LEO satellite system-ready installation are guaranteed
  • First application of the “Pop-Up Speakers”

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative audio/video, entertainment, IT and lighting & comfort systems installed on-board superyachts sailing around the world, Videoworks has focused all its skills on the Sanlorenzo SP110 Almax. More and more advanced audio/video systems and an increasingly efficient on-board network are two among the key demands of today’s owners and guests. This installation confirms yet again that Videoworks is able to continue innovating and responding proactively to this rising demand. This ability is also the result of the investments the company is making in the macro areas (Internet connectivity at all latitudes and artificial intelligence) that have been identified as requiring work, so ever greater comfort on board can be guaranteed for owners and their guests.

The Sanlorenzo SP110 Almax is a 33.84m open-coupé yacht that makes the combination of performance, comfort and sustainability its distinguishing features. Almax is a concentration of technology which offers the opportunity to experience a refined and elegant boating holiday in total harmony with the surrounding environment. Videoworks, completely in line with this philosophy, installed in the Sanlorenzo SP110 Almax the “Key-Core Solution”, a single centralised 30-unit rack for all AV and IT systems. The solution places the main control unit in a single centralised technical compartment, eliminating the need to install smaller local units in different areas. Compared to a traditional solution, this means 40% less space and 30% less heat, 25% energy savings and 20% cable reduction – guaranteed

The “Key Core Solution” architecture uses the Videoworks “MyInfo 3.0” app to manage the multimedia and infotainment channels on all the yacht’s Smart TVs. The app manages all the media and information available on board so that owners, guests and crew can use them at any time. No additional devices are needed: every new multimedia experience is integrated directly into the application. The intuitive graphic design makes it easy to choose a playlist on Smart TV or iPad, control video cameras and on-board automation systems, or browse the internet in complete safety.

The interface for controlling individual areas from iOS and/or Android devices can be downloaded simply by scanning the QR-Code in each room, without further intervention by guests. As they move from one room to another and scan the QR-Code dedicated to the room they are in, guests can acquire control of it from their smartphone.