‘Alexa, find me the best technology solutions for a superyacht.’ Whether accessing high-speed connectivity for an all-important call, music flowing through the entire yacht at a party or creating the perfect ambience with cabin temperature and lighting; onboard technology is ubiquitous.

But how does one ensure this is a seamless experience? Enter: Videoworks. The Ancona-based and, today, internationally operating system integrator for yachts has been designing, constructing and installing innovative and bespoke onboard technical solutions since 1998. Videoworks doesn’t just excel in the audio/visual realm but as the cornerstone of yacht technology integration; they cover connectivity, entertainment streaming, smart cabin automation, and advanced AI applications. Their solutions work to elevate the interior rather than disrupt it, presenting sleek, user-friendly interfaces coupled with efficiency.

Recently celebrating a successful 25-year milestone, the group has completed over 850 projects and continues to add to this portfolio, not only with more yacht projects but with additional solutions and services while collaborating with an array of significant shipyards worldwide, from Ferretti Group to Heesen.

Global growth 

Set up in The Netherlands in 2016, the Videoworks Europe arm has been expanding into more shipyards, becoming a reliable partner, especially for the Dutch market – with multiple yacht projects currently underway at Royal Van Lent, HeesenRoyal HuismanFreire and Leapher.

Stefan Nieuwenhuys, General Manager of Videoworks Europe, explains: “Since securing our first substantial project in The Netherlands in 2020, this laid the foundation for our expansion; more and more orders came in from the back of this and was the basis of the expansion for where we are today.”

Their current working portfolio is impressive, standing at two yachts over the 100-metre mark near-to-delivery phase, four 70-90-metre yachts: three in the design phase and one starting construction, and three currently on order in the 50-60-metre range. Securing these projects has been done with location proximity at the fore; Stefan says: “We always make sure we set our standards high, and being close to our customers is key.”

Understanding the market 

Continuously innovating solutions for the yachting sector, the group places significant emphasis on recruiting skilled professionals to spearhead these advancements. As a technical company, Videoworks focuses on technical intricacies. “Rather than the conventional project manager role, I employ system engineers responsible for the project from the first point of contact with the client until the end,” says Stefan.

Their approach is cemented in being an integral and trusted part of their client’s team, working closely with them and focussing on the technical solutions. As a result, they have earned numerous referrals. Stefan explains: “The core of our expansion is straightforward: we simply do the job correctly, we don’t think in problems, we work toward the solutions. I always insist on having the right team in place before venturing onto the next project because if we are not equipped to do what we promise, those referrals will end.”

International expansion for the group has been a steady process, recognising the different ways in which countries work and how to navigate these successfully. Videoworks considers the varying management styles, working processes and cultures. “We look at matches between cultures when assigning our projects; we focus on finding local people,” comments Stefan.

A core principle of the growing team is passion, not only for what they do but for the yachting sector itself. “We have a lot of enthusiasm for the marine world; I always find it interesting when talking to our engineers how they are truly excited about the entire yacht build process and progress, not just how our projects fit into that. The passion and enthusiasm for yachting and technology is part of our DNA,” explains Stefan.